Tata Technologies offers e-learning suite, iGetIT

05th February 2012
Tata Technologies  offers  e-learning  suite, iGetIT

February 6, 2012: Engineering Services Outsourcing leader Tata Technologies is aggressively marketing its online self-paced training solution for engineers i GET IT, buoyed by the fact that over 40% of employee training is conducted using eLearning methods
i GET IT provides engineers in more than 60 countries with a world-class user experience including online training, online technical assistance, and engineering industry news
Says Dan Miles, Vice President – iProducts, Tata Technologies: “In the US, most Fortune 500 companies already have a corporate Learning Management System (LMS) and the average spend per employee on training a year is $600-$1,200 (13-16 Training Hours). With more and more of auto majors setting up base in India, we expect the demand for i GET IT, the online self-paced training solution for engineers, to grow at a fast pace.”

Most countries are facing limited resources and stretched budgets. While traditional textbooks are often not engaging and are outdated, i GET IT, online Learning Management System (LMS) provides access to the same online learning content that the world’s leading manufacturing companies like Boeing, General Electric, and Ford Motor Company use themselves. This program provides students with knowledge on the leading engineering software tools to enhance their job marketability and extend their current curriculum.
Tata Technologies is a company of innovators, specialists in the design engineering space, headquartered in Singapore, with regional headquarters offices in the United States (Novi, Michigan), India (Pune) and the UK (Coventry). The company has a combined global work force of more than 5,400 employees serving clients worldwide from facilities in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. www.tatatechnologies.com