Robotic cleaners are here!

03rd February 2012
Robotic cleaners are here!

February 3 2012: Gurgaon-based Milagrow HumanTech has brought robotic cleaners – an improvement on vacuum cleaners – to India. They have introduced three models -- Robocop (Rs. 9,990), BlackCat (Rs. 15,990) and RedHawk (Rs. 16,990). The robot cleaners can clean all types of surfaces: marble, carpet, wood, and recharge themselves in between cleaning cycles. They feature obstacle and stair detection, using infrared.
Hindu Businessline quotes Milagrow founder –CEO Rajeev Karwal: “Last calendar year, a total of 4 lakh vacuum cleaners were sold in India. By 2015 7.5 lakh units could be sold. By 2015 we hope the market share for robotic vacuum cleaners would be 13-14 per cent of this. In the developed markets such as the US, this number is 25 per cent”.

Key features:
Automatic Obstacle Detection: When the Power Vac knocks into something, its bumper retracts, activating mechanical object sensors that tell it has encountered an obstacle. It then performs (and repeats) the sequential actions of backing up, rotating and moving forward until it finds a clear path.
Cleans under Furniture: The Power Vac has been designed to fit under the kickboards in your kitchen, under the sofa, chair, beds and other furniture. If a bed or furniture clears the floor by at least 4.3 inches (approximately 110 mm), the PowerVac will happily clean underneath.
Automatic Scheduling: The Power Vac will clean the floor when you schedule it to, at a special time every day or specified day of the week. The scheduling is actually accomplished via a scheduling device in built in the docking station and remote control through which users can set the time and day ofthe week (say, every Friday).The Power Vac will then leave its station at the specified time and begin cleaning the floor. The robot will return to the charging station as necessary until it's done cleaning and until the next scheduled cleaning cycle occurs.
Link to Product description PDF:  
The robot cleaners are available from online marts like Flipkart and letsbuy, and stores like Reliance Digital.
BL also reports that the South Korean firm LG has also entered this segment with the launch of its Hom-Bot, priced at Rs 43,990.