Now, intARact with movie posters with your phone!

Bangalore January 18: Leading Indian mobile solutions company TeliBrahma, has launched a first-of-its kind mobile application for movie buffs: With  the “intARact”  app installed on  a phone with a camera, one can access anything and everything on a particular movie available on the net by simply focusing the camera mobile on the poster of that movie in newspapers, magazines, posters, multiplexes, hoardings, online posters, TV, etc. The application provides the synopsis of the movie, ratings and reviews, theatres and timings, and official website of the movie. In addition, links to fan pages on face book, twitter, YouTube trailers, and Wikipedia pages are provided. So instead of several clicks to access different online or offline sites, intARact brings a rich and complete experience by simply pointing one’s camera phone and getting an image clicked. Type on your mobile browser to download and install the intARact app, this is a onetime activity, then,

1. Open intARact application from your mobile phone.

2. This will start the phone camera automatically.

3. Scan the Movie Poster.

4. Ensure proper lighting & focus during the Scan.

5. intARact will display all the information in one application.

6. You can repeat this experience for all posters.