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The Polestar 2011 winners -- Sudhir Gore, Vantika Dixit, and Jamshed Avari -- flanked by (left) Chetan Bhagat and (right) Arun Jain
Polestar Awards honour excellence in Indian IT journalism

Chennai, September 30, 2011: The PoleStar Foundation, an independent trust established in 1998 to recognise Excellence in Business and IT Journalism  has announced the winners of the 2011 Polestar Awards. They are

For Best Feature in IT Journalism: Jamshed Avari., Deputy Editor of CHIP for his story, “Safe Social Networking” published in CHIP magazine dated February, 2010.

For Best Feature in Business Journalism: Sudhir Ramchandra Gore, Assistant Editor of India Today for his story “White Crisis” published in India Today dated April, 2010.

The Jury’s Special Recognition was awarded to  Vantika Dixit, Associate Editor of Technology Review (a publication by Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for her story “Digital Resurrection of Indian Heritage” in Technology Review dated May, 2010.

The Chief guest at the awards function on Sep 29, author Chetan Bhagat said:  “I associate journalism with a lot of integrity and maybe that’s the reason why an earlier book of mine and my latest book, both have a journalist as one of the main characters!”

Arun Jain, Founder, PoleStar Foundation and CEO Polaris Software said, “We are extremely happy to present this prestigious award to the creme da la creme of Business and IT journalism in the country. With the acceleration of news reporting and the need to stay informed 24/7, repetitive information at times confuses the average reader due to the unnecessary clutter, and we appreciate the role Journalists play in articulating a clear and correct view of the news

The Foundation received 403 nominations from Journalists across India. The winners were selected by a Jury that comprised Abhay Gupte ­CEO, Logica India, Anand Sudarshan, CEO & MD, Manipal Education, Aruna Rao, Group CTO, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Arunkumar NT – MD and Global Head, IB Operations (offshore), UBS (India) Pvt. Ltd, Ashok Korwar, CEO Coach & Former Professor, IIM­Ahmedabad, Pradipta K Mohapatra, Chairman and Co Founder, Coaching Foundation India Ltd, Ramaraj R, Co­Founder and Former CEO, Sify Ltd. and Uma Ratnam Krishnan, Head, Multi Channel Performance and Development Consumer Distribution, UK Retail, Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

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