Zapak 'socializes' Tambola

09th July 2011
Zapak 'socializes' Tambola
Full house! on Facebook

Housie,Tambola, Bingo…the game has different names in different geographies and cultures; but the archetypical party ‘time-passer’ has remained a favourite with many generations of avid players all vying to claim a ‘full house’.
Now, Indian gaming giant Zapak, has launched what is arguably the world’s first ‘social ‘avatar of the club game -- on Facebook. The game allows players tochat within a ‘room’ and exchange virtual gifts. One thing you can do in this Web version, isto assume multiple avatars – or have guests like “Rajnicant” or” Elvis Plestly” drop by andjoin your game.
For starters, you have a certain amount of virtual cash to buy tambola tickets – or to spend it on virtual dresses and other goodies. The game is cannily connected to an online payment window, enabling players to buy virtual cash through SMS, creditcard or net banking. This might be a worrying feature for parents who need to control the access and authorization levels of young players.
Like all Web-based social multiplayer games, Zapak Tambola has a score board displaying the highest daily, weekly, monthly scorer. Facebook’s own features make it easy to play among one’s online social circle. Players need to have Facebook account – or open one before they can play Zapak Tambola on the web at   July 9 2011 

( This review by Anand Parthasarathy  also appears in the current -- July 17 2011 -- issue of The Week magazine )