SAP Analytic tools go social and mobile
New SAP analytic tools are mobile, real-time-- and social

Business software solutions leader, SAP has launched therlatest avatars of its business intelligence (BI) and enterprise information management (EIM) solutions,  in India, offering the friendly usability of social networking tools.

“Since Business Objects became part of the SAP family, we have been working together on the 4.0 releases of BI and EIM solutions from SAP,” said Simon Dale, Senior Vice President, Solutions, SAP Asia Pacific Japan.

“Historically, companies have dealt with BI on a project-by-project basis, separate from each other and from their EIM initiatives, lacking the ability to bring that data together,” said Carl W. Olofson, research vice president, Application Development and Deployment, IDC. “The latest BI and EIM solutions from SAP are designed to help tackle big data, integrating structured and unstructured data and even information from social networks.”

New features of the 4.0 releases of BI and EIM solutions include: Real-time in-memory computing; Easy, mobile BI on any device – Across mobile platforms and devices, workers can access intuitive, real-time BI and respond instantly to events as they unfold. Business and social data with confidence – People can now monitor, analyze, explore, report and act with confidence in the accuracy of not only their transactional data but also with full insight into the trends and sentiments expressed in unstructured content of blogs, e-mail and social media streams.

SAP is working closely with partners including Accenture, Atos Origin, Capgemini, cundus AG, Deloitte, HP, Logica, Siemens IT Solutions and Services and Teradata to extend the power of business analytics to more organizations across different industries and lines of business.

See our Tech Video spot on the home page where Simon Dale, Senior Vice President, Solutions, SAP APJ explains what the new releases are all about. March 11 2011