Spicey feature! 3-D on the phone.
3-D without glasses on Spice mobile phone

Spice Mobility, has launched the first 3D display mobile phone in India: Called ‘View D’, it enables images, videos and interfaces to be seemingly in 3D. The auto-stereoscopic display provides the user a 3D experience without the 3D glasses.


The View D’s screen is designed in such a way that the user can toggle between a normal 2D or 3D user interface as per their choice.

Another new feature: ‘remote wipe’ allows the user to delete the phone data remotely. This is done by sending a unique SMS to the phone. This works even after the phone is lost and this way the user can prevent sharing its private and confidential data.

The View D is priced at Rs 4299. The phone features a 2MP Camera, FM Radio, MP3 player, Expandable memory up to 16GB, 2.4” 3D display screen and GPRS and WAP technology.

The Spice M-67 3D mobile phone is available across India through 750+ Spice HotSpot retail network and other retailers

Oct 26 2010