Games console from HCL
HCL launches affordable games machines

Indian ICT company, HCL Infosystems, has launched a range of low cost gaming console -- for 4 to 15 year old kids who w always wanted to enjoy the fun of costly international platforms, but could not afford the stiff prices.

With special form factors, HCL ME F25 will primarily target the girls with its heart-shape design while HCL ME D75 and HCL ME K28 with its black-shade and strong built to appeal boys. All have TV out functionality.

HCL ME D75- 75 inbuilt games - 8 bit graphics - TV out feature - Brain trainer console :Rs. 1299.

HCL ME F25 - 25 inbuilt games - 16 bit graphics - Designing games - Brain trainer console - Rs. 1390.

HCL ME K28 - 28 inbuilt games - 16 bit graphics - TV out feature; 8 way directional keypad - Turbo button; Pause live game :Rs. 1890

The company has also launched 2 brain-trainer consoles – ME A30 and ME C100 in the range of Rs. 799 to Rs. 1890, with a bouquet of mind training and brain training games to enhance the analytical ability of the children.

Aug 12 2010