New HP tools help corporate computing go virtual

February 7, '09; BANGALORE:  Virtual is the way to go -- for corporates big and small in 2009 -- and HP's Virtual Server Environment (VSE) has been touting the advantages of moving workloads across blades in a server network, as easily as drag-n-drop.

To kick off its 2009 portfolio of offerings under the umbrella of Adaptive Infrastructure (AI -- but not the other AI!), HP has unveiled software in a series called Insight Dynamics; and the first two announced this week are:

VSE with Insight Orchestration and Insight Recovery.

From what we can figure out after ploughing through the jargon, the solution whips together all key infrastructure pieces: physical servers, storage, networks, into a single management window, making server optimization more effective.

The Insight Recovery tool provides disaster recovery for HP blades or VM Ware-based virtual machines.

If this simple minded explanation won't do and you are a demon for detail, feel free to access the unexpurgated version at: