Mylasandra Lake restored by Malligavad Foundation -- with some help from Salesforce

20th April 2023
Mylasandra Lake restored by Malligavad Foundation  -- with some help from Salesforce
Sanket Atal and Anand Malligavad with the team that helped clean up Mylasandra lake

Bangalore, April 20, 2023: In celebration of Earth Month, the Malligavad Foundation reports the successful restoration of Mylasandra Lake in Bangalore, which was supported by a donation from Salesforce.
Anand Malligavad, founder of the Malligavad Foundation and popularly known as the Lake man of India, spearheaded the project, revitalizing approximately 15 acres of land. In 2022, Salesforce added climate justice to its India CSR strategy; a grant was given to the Malligavad Foundation under nature and ecosystem restoration. This project also involves the planting of 10,000 trees as part of the company’s wider pledge of to support and mobilize the conservation, restoration, and growth of 100 million trees by the end of 2030.
The Mylasandra Lake is divided into two, with 15% of the area serving as a natural sewage treatment area and the remaining 85% as a reserve for collecting fresh rainwater.  The water holding capacity was increased from approximately 12 crore cubic liters to 25 crore cubic liters, helping recharge the source for the borewells and provide surplus drinking water to the community. The naturally treated sewage lagoon has been thoughtfully designed to preserve the natural lake ecosystem, promote carbon sequestration, reduce carbon emissions and help mitigate climate change.
Post monsoon, Malligavad Foundation will continue their efforts to improve the lake ecosystem, supported by volunteering from Salesforce employees to plant trees. Additionally, the project will create floating wetlands which are natural purifiers to absorb toxins and pollutants. These efforts will transform the lake into a natural recreation zone that will serve as a habitat for birds, bees, small animals, and aquatic life while becoming an attraction point for the local community to improve their physical well-being. 
Sanket Atal, Managing Director - India Operations and Technology ,Salesforce said, “Businesses and individuals today understand that the planet is a key stakeholder. In our fight against climate change, besides the impact we can make across business operations, there is true power in collaboration. Bringing together people and associations with NGs such as the Malligavad Foundation, is a key step in driving positive change. This is our first ecosystem restoration project in India supported by our India CSR grant and we are excited to be on this journey in our commitment to climate justice.” 
Anand Malligavad, Lake Conservationist (popularly known as the Lake Man of India) said, "I am delighted to lead and be a part of the restoration of the Mylasandra Lake. The alarming rate at which water bodies in the city are dying has led to a water crisis in the country caused by urbanization, pollution, encroachment, and human negligence. The lake restoration project is a significant step towards water conservation and sustainability. These initiatives help to protect and preserve natural resources, promote biodiversity, that benefit both humans and the environment by preserving the diversity of life on Earth that needs to co-exist. This story is a source of inspiration for many and an example of how corporates can come forward to initiate the change and bring about a positive transformation in the country.