Xerox announces enhancements to production printing line

January 30,  2021: Xerox announced a suite of production print innovations including new presses, technology enhancements for existing printers as well as artificial intelligence and automation features that aid speed and productivity.

  • A Color Accelerator module for Baltoro, expanding inkjet applications and adding ink-saving automation

  • Addition of fluorescent pink to the Iridesse Production Press, enhancing its metallics, white and clear color palette

  • Two new printers capable of higher volumes, more media and extended color options in the Versant family

  • Two Xerox Nuvera print speed upgrades that best competition

  • AI-enabled media manager software that enables high-quality images with minimal set-up and staff time

  • Automated workflow updates to seamlessly print embellishments with FreeFlow Core 6.0

According to Keypoint Intelligence, digital print enhancement is expected to generate $25 billion a year and can increase a printers’ profit by 50 to 400 percent. By making it easier, customizable and faster to produce these pages, Xerox technology provides multiple entry options for customers to expand their business and increase profit.

“Currently, print enhancement is the fastest-growing segment in the industry and Xerox is committed to bring the latest innovation to its customers in India to help them expand their business,” said Vineet Gehani, Director - Technology and Channels, Xerox India, “With the launch of our new technology and features, the capabilities and profit potential of the existing devices would be further expanded. Our customers would certainly benefit from the new presses being introduced that would help cater to the demand of higher volume, extended media and color palettes. Our constant endeavour towards innovation and improvement is the reason Xerox remains on top in the production print market.”