Bluei launches neckband wireless earphones

New Delhi, October 23  2020:Online shopping site Bluei, has launched its newest Wireless Neckband ‘ECHO3’. The flexi Neck Band is designed lightweight, shock proof and dust residence, folds easily, to be kept in the bag when not in use..

The headphones combine convenience with impressive battery life. So, people can enjoy music and make phone calls easily, even when walking, running, or doing a workout. The most advanced bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable connection range up to 10 meters with customers' bluetooth devices and 200 mAh rechargeable battery which gives 10 hrs playtime and devices takes less than one hour to charge the battery. ECHO 3 is light-weight gadget and very comfortable to wear for longer time periods of usage, making the system perfect for work, play, and leisure time activities.

Bluei ECHO 3 has several options for different audiences, customers, and age groups. As a hands-free gadget, the Bluei ECHO 3 takes the pressure off people's heads allowing them to enjoy music and to answer calls at all times. Moreover, this smart device can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray, so there is no need to worry about bad weather situations, or in case the users accidentally drop their headphones into water basins or sinks, or into puddles.The  neckband costs Rs 1849 at