1-on-1 tuition classes from your home PC

08th May 2015
1-on-1 tuition classes from your home PC

Cyber guru-shishya!
From Vishnu  Anand 
Bangalore, May 8 2015: With the new academic year kicking off in a few weeks, you will be preparing for a mad rush to enrol your children to the best tuition centers in your area -- probably more than one -- depending on the combination of subject your child needs to deal with. This year’s rigmarole might be slightly more pleasant for you.
A Bangalore-based start-up called Vedantu has brought the experience of tuition classes to your home PC or laptop. Targetted at students from class 6 to 12, Vedantu is a virtual marketplace of qualified teachers, categorized by subject expertise and experience. You can sign up your child with a particular teacher, for a particular subject depending on the syllabus (CBSE, ICSE etc) and mutual availability of your child and the teacher. Vedantu ensures 1-to-1 guidance for your child, complete with a virtual whiteboard, live video and audio chat with the teacher, and even an option to record the teaching session for future revisions.
Vedantu is powered by technology created in-house, called WAVE – Whiteboard, Audio and Video Environment -- which claims to work seamlessly even with low-bandwidth connections. Currently, the site offers courses for science and maths, but plans to include language subjects in the weeks to follow.
Vedantu also has a crisis management option whereby students can invoke the services of any teacher in the last minute before exams, just to clarify doubts.
Services of Vedantu are priced around Rs. 3,000 for 10 days in a month, averaging around Rs. 150 per session. Considering the fact that your child doesn’t need to travel to a tuition center, and gets personalized training at home,  it may  be considered good value. 

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