Top trends in digital education in India

September 9 2014: In a special feature  on  our home page, Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO, Next Education India Pvt. Ltd., shares his take on the  key trends in digital education in India:
Upcoming trends:
-  Growing trend of Digital classroom/Flipped Class rooms
- Learning on the go – Facilitating students to study at their own convenience anywhere anytime
- Learning at the speed of need – Access to online learning material & digital content through various devices.
- Video based learning picking up pace in India
- Popularity of online courses  - MOOCS & Other distant learning programs
Game based learning is creating a buzz in the K12 sector.

The author  concludes:  No technology can replace teachers. However, it is also the responsibility of the teachers to a great extent to incorporate modern education technologies like online assignment and video lecture in the classrooms to help make the study material engaging, interactive and refreshing. Apart from getting involved in studying through such innovative measures, students will understand the relevance and importance of the entire content, thereby showing more interest in studies and learning.

You can find the full article linked here