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NVIDIA beefs up 3 college CAD labs with Quadro GPU technology

Bangalore, August 11 , 2014:   NVIDIA-assisted Computer Aided Design labs in three Indian engineering colleges    are being upgraded  with  the graphical processing leader's  Quadro GPU technology.
At Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (Bangalore), JSS Academy of Technical Education (Bangalore) and Chennai Institute of Technology (CIT), Chennai,  students  can now evolve concepts, gain first-hand experience and learn key design applications around   these devices.
 Says Vishal Dhupar,  NVIDIA's Managing Director-South Asia:“Employability of Engineering Students is a major concern with an average of only 25% getting a job immediately after graduation.  NVIDIA platforms allow students to learn on the best tools available, apply correct methodologies and take advantage of the latest advances in GPU technologies. This helps them hone their skills and get ready to work in the Industry, from day one.”
NVIDIA runs an education programme  that reaches more than 500 institutes in India