Students' preferred design platform, Rasberry Pi now in a new improved version

16th July 2014
Students' preferred design platform, Rasberry Pi now in a new improved version

Good news for engineering students: More features, same price!
Singapore, July 16 2014: The new and improved Rasberry Pi  -- the   credit-card-sized  computing platform, that students and designers alike have embraced so enthusiastically -- is now available in a new edition, Model B+, at the same old price of  $ 35.
RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc  the global distributor for engineers, today announced availability of Raspberry Pi Model B+ at their online sales site.
 Building on the huge success of the Model B, with over three million boards now in use, the Model B+ incorporates a number of enhancements and new features.Between 20% and 30% improvement in power consumption has been achieved on the Model B+ by using a more efficient switched mode power supply in place of the previous linear arrangement.
More extensive GPIO capability is provided by the replacement of the 26-pin socket with a 40-pin connector: the pin-out of the first 26 pins remains identical to the Model B. The number of USB ports has been doubled to four, enabling users to avoid the use of a cascading hub when deploying multiple devices such as a wired keyboard, mouse, wireless dongle and external hard drive. Audio output quality has also been improved with some DSP-related fixes.
Some small changes have also been made to the board form factor in order to provide better alignment of connectors on the side of the board. In addition, four mounting holes instead of two are now provided to facilitate improved board stability when mounted within an OEM application.
In keeping with current trends, the standard SD card form factor has been replaced by a microSD card format.
Here is a link to the India site of RS Components where you  can pay in rupees -- Rs 2900 to be exact.
Here is a link to Rasberry Pi B+  730 page  data sheet in PDF