Embibe is a 3D learning app that transforms every text book into a Smart Book

29th June 2023
Embibe is a 3D learning app that transforms every text book into a Smart Book

Bangalore, June 29, 2023: Leading AI-powered learning platform Embibe ,  has announced Embibe Lens app, an innovative AI-led text-to-visual learning app.
Embibe Lens is designed to revolutionise students' understanding of complex subjects by transforming any textbook into stunning 3D models and videos. With this cutting-edge app, students across the country can now easily scan any concept and gain a deeper, immersive understanding of that concept, paving the way for comprehensive academic learning.
Lens, a proprietary innovation will enable students to access the concepts from all education boards for free. By utilising their smartphone cameras, students can scan any book or any paragraph, select any concept and witness life-like high-definition 3D visuals with annotations coming alive before their eyes for simplified learning. The subjects they can use the app for are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. This breakthrough technology brings learning to life, enabling students to effortlessly comprehend complex concepts and retain information better. In addition, through EMBIBE Lens, students will also be able to ace India’s highly competitive medical and engineering entrance exams by mastering STEM concepts and enhancing their learning experience.
For students who are learning from just traditional textbooks, it becomes extremely difficult to remember concepts for a long time. Many of these students resort to rote learning which is a short term benefit and does not help in educating the child on a foundational basis. In order to make better leaders of tomorrow, we need a platform which solves the educational gap that has been existing for decades. Embibe  Lens overturns this traditional learning by providing students with a powerful tool to make education more accessible and engaging. Using this, students can conveniently access a vast array of educational resources anytime, anywhere, at no cost, mastering their concepts and ensuring a seamless learning experience on the go.
Some of the key features of Embibe Lens are that it revolutionizes learning through Interactive 3D models, empowering students to explore various subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Unlike traditional classroom settings, this innovative tool enables independent learning, as students can delve into concepts through related videos that bring ideas to life. Another feature is Simulations and immersive learning provided by Embibe Lens that benefits both students and teachers, especially those in remote areas, by integrating advanced technology into education. Even schools without smart boards or laptops can now offer immersive learning opportunities by enhancing their understanding of complex scientific phenomena and mathematical principles. Basically, Lens serves as a portable guide for the educational fraternity.
Moreover, Embibe Lens incorporates Auto-detection of concepts and annotated labels technology to identify and present relevant information, along with annotated labels that help students establish connections between concepts and diagrams effortlessly. This comprehensive tool significantly facilitates a deeper understanding of specific topics for both teachers and students.
The app is currently available in English and Hindi, and is committed to expanding its language support to ensure accessibility for students and teachers in more languages in the near future. Moreover, the app is continuously evolving and will soon introduce additional features such as question scanning and doubt resolution to further assist students in their learning journey.
Says Aditi Avasthi, Founder & CEO, Embibe: "Extensive research consistently highlights that students grasp concepts better when presented visually and given interactive opportunities. Drawing from our vast content library, exhaustive knowledge graph and data lake, we have expanded our product line to provide a solution that truly accelerates learning and improves concept retention. Ensuring accessibility is central to our mission, we have taken meticulous care to ensure that Embibe Lens benefits every student, irrespective of their circumstances."
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The EMBIBE Lens app can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and App Store