iPad app for OpenSAP
SAP offers free online courses on its flagship solutions

Bangalore, April 3, 2014: Enterprise software solutions leader SAP has  taken the MOOC — massive online open courses -- route to evangelise its SAP Business Suite and the SAP HANA  data base platform. Having created the openSAP development platform, the com,pany has announced  a suite of free online courses  covering the gamut of business solutions.
All openSAP courses are free of charge and built for professionals, students and the general public. Upcoming courses include:

SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA: The course will provide insight into the business value of SAP Business Suite with the added value of SAP HANA. It will answer the questions of what is going to change and what will stay the same, and will give an overview on why SAP Business Suite powered by HANA is relevant to various lines of business. It will also discuss the importance to different industries and how companies there drive value. The course begins April 9. More information is available here.
Sustainability and business innovation: Dr. Peter Graf, chief sustainability officer at SAP, will share the key learnings from the sustainability and innovation journeys of SAP and SAP customers, including how companies drive significant business value from acting environmentally and socially responsible. The course covers best practices in sustainability, from strategy to business cases, business processes, engagement and reporting. The course begins April 29. More information is available here.
Rapid-deployment of SAP solutions: SAP offers a fast and simple way to implement solutions with best practices for rapid deployment. The course explains how the methodology can be used to shorten the time-to-value, reduce project risk and deliver predictable business outcomes for users.

SAP announced its first MOOC, “Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA,” in April 2013 and it has seen massive adoption, with more than 80,000 participants to date. In total, more than 200,000 learners enrolled across the eight openSAP courses that have been offered.
SAP is also enhancing openSAP through additional capabilities, such as social collaboration capabilities and a new app for iPad that allows users to download and complete course materials offline. Once reconnected to the Internet, learners’ progress will automatically be synchronized with the openSAP platform.
Android users can already download the content for offline viewing by using Google Chrome
(revised April 4 2014)