BeSingular announces AI innovation challenge for students

14th January 2022
BeSingular announces AI innovation  challenge for students

New Delhi,  January 14 2022 : India’s leading  AI platform for children aged 6 to 18, BeSingular, has announced an AI-themed  competition for students
Under the initiative ‘Artificial Intelligence Innovation Challenge,’ BeSingular aims students to explore Artificial Intelligence, a technology highly relevant to the next generation. The content was developed by a team of experts with academic and professional experiences from top industries and universities. This would not only give the participants a necessary exposure but also prepare them to be tomorrow’s leading problem-solvers.
BeSingular’s special focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) stems from the scope of this technology in the distant future. The content on the platform was designed such that students with no programming skills could also partake with ease. Educating them with these skills not only prepares them for the future of employment but also gives them an opportunity to put them to the greater use of mankind.
The winners of AI Innovation Challenge will get to win Laptops, Tablets, Smart Watches, among so many other prizes and each participant is entitled to get an e-certification of participation.
Says Nitesh Jain, Founder & CEO, BeSingular: “The BeSingular AI Innovation Challenge aims at giving the young go-getters a competitive edge over their peers to learn critical skills like AI and showcase their talent by creating AI-based socio-impactful solutions. We are proud to offer a platform that initiates new-age courses centering around the social, environmental, and technological needs of our society for the next 20 years.”