EmpowerYouth extends its loan scheme to Rajasthan

07th October 2021
EmpowerYouth extends its loan scheme to Rajasthan

October 7 2021: EmpowerYouth.com, the career-tech platform, has now opened up its offerings to students in Rajasthan, after the immense success of their Education loans for studies across the states of Punjab and Himachal.
In a first, the organization has tied up with Shyam University, Dausa to help their students with availability of education loans. More such partnerships across the state of Rajasthan are being finalized.
Students of Shyam University will be provided with interest free education loans. In addition, EmpowerYouth.com will provide various other benefits like campus placements for jobs and internships, as well as expert sessions with industry leaders from across India and the globe.
EmpowerYouth has also tied up with PaisaOnline.net (Sagar Deposits and Advances Private Limited) to provide fee-financing solutions to students coming from Rajasthan, especially those from the rural areas. EmpowerYouth.com already has tie-ups withAvanse, Agile Finserv, EZ Capital, WePay, Global Financial Services etc. for servicing these loans and is in the process of signing up with more banks and NBFCs as well.Loans up to Rs. 10,00,000 will be provided under interest-free scheme to the students for college education in EmpowerYouth.com partner institutions. Loans in non-partner institutions will be provided at very low rates of interest.
EmpowerYouthbelieves in empowering the youth to exercise their right to education, by reaching out to even the most marginalized student segment – the rural poor. Even if the students procure admissions in colleges, they are unable to meet the fee requirements of the institutes, due to lack of funds, often missing out on higher education. EmpowerYouth has been able to reduce this gap of accessibility of education by creating innovative products around education loans, which are helping students as well as colleges.
“We at EmpowerYouth.com are committed to providing a level playing field to students from rural and semi-urban areas and believe that no student should lose out on bettering his prospects because he was unable to pay for his/her education. Most of the students from these areas also lose out on good career prospects because of lack of exposure and access to quality recruiters. EmpowerYouth addresses this need and our tie-ups with institutions ensure that the students can compete with their counterparts across the country”, says Shalya Gupta, Founder &CEO, EmpowerYouth.com.
EmpowerYouth is the world’s first and only holistic and integrated career management platform. The company helps students, especially in tier II and below markets, by providing them with various opportunities for career growth. The EmpowerYouth bouquet of services include education loans, internships, campus placement for jobs, mentoring sessions, etc., making these students skill-ready for jobs.