Covid-driven new phase of e-learning in India

19th August 2020
Covid-driven new phase of e-learning in India

August 19 2020: COVID19 has entirely pushed learning online. Existing e-learning portals have grown exponentially and even educational institutions have moved completely online. The proliferation of e-learning platforms during these times has led to creation of a huge volume of content that may be overwhelming for many. What is missing is “filtered content” that is relevant, to the point and yet accurate. Thus, we can see an upheaval in  ‘byte sized learning’ content, though there is a gap in curation
Many users also report challenges of comprehension since the content may only be available in English and not in their vernacular language that they comprehend, sponsored content that raises questions about the credibility of information on offer, lack of relevant and uniform content suiting the need of the business.
This study by Speakin -- India’s largest network of thought leaders delivering business learning content -- highlights the challenges as well as opportunities thrown open for individuals and organizations as they try to navigate this new world of complete online learning.
Access to the Finest
Reaching the most accomplished individuals has always been a challenge. The ongoing crisis has exacerbated the need for accessing only the verified and reliable for their guidance and access to their knowledge. While many elearning platforms try to incorporate such individuals every once or twice in their sessions, there is a lack of a dedicated consortium of leaders that’s readily available for learning on any topic from any industry. Th comprehension. Native language is a ‘language of comfort’ and our minds don’t have to simultaneously translate when we use it. Vernacular content is one of the most ignored segments of e-learning. This has led to the neglect of a large section of the Indian population. Numbers show that the next billion users are those who'd prefer vernacular content and thus we'd see a demand for regional instructors.
Your Health Matters
Though COVID19 affects lungs, it has instead caused serious problems related to mental health. Job losses, lockdowns, isolation and business failures have caused a sharp rise in the cases of depression, anxiety and in panic. There is a growing need of specialised ‘counsellors’ that can not only address the issue of mental health, but also see the professional and personal hardships in juxtaposition with the same, and give solutions that can be acted upon. Hence, seasoned mental health experts would be the most sought-after who have a long history of helping people sail through such situations.
Reskilling and Upskilling
The current crisis has led to many job losses, and has created a huge pool of talented professionals without work. This has generated a new demand among these professionals for reskilling and upskilling to remain competitive in the current work force.  Moreover, organizations, after lay-offs, are looking at not just employees but ‘specialists’ as a part of their workforce. There is consequently a huge demand for learning to cross skill businesses and bringing in the latest courses from experts from across the world to ensure coverage of the most sought-after skills.
Wait! It says ‘Sponsored’
Nothing ruins the experience as much as watching an educational video and realizing that it was just one giant ad. Sponsored content has become a major problem today that has raised many questions about the credibility of the content. Be it finding answers on Quora or watching seemingly innocent educational video on YouTube, it is rare to find information that is verified, credible and not backed by a third party’s vested interest. Viewers would prefer to get access to credible information directly from the experts delivering ‘untouched’ content.
Case study instructor
Most e-learning platforms “hire” instructors that have a good grasp on their subjects. Sure, technology does help with fancy presentations and 3D graphics. And then there are case studies – success stories in businesses, technology, communication etc. that form a major part of the curriculum. However, the need now is to partner with the “case-studies” themselves and feature the people behind the success stories coming together to share their knowledge and the rationale behind their decisions that made them successful.
Where’s B2B learning?
There are hundreds of e-learning platforms out there currently serving a lot of people. While one may go to any Coursera or Udemy to upskill himself or herself, where does a team of 100 professionals find learning solutions for their project? Not only the lack of a B2B learning platform a major headache for organizations seeking relevant and uniform courses for their teams, but it has also resulted in widening the gap between professionals and the skills required to sustain the organizations’ business. Learning systems that are custom-made for an organization’s learning is what the industry needs now.