English 99 is a free app for learners

01st January 2020
English 99 is a  free app for learners

January 1 2020: With a vision to educate  10 million  Indians to speak fluent English by 2023, Piyush and Maya Bhatia, a brother-sister duo, have launched English99, a comprehensive app for English learning, comprising of 99 tutorial videos, 99 tests, peer to peer interaction for free download. India is the world’s second-largest English speaking country with less than 10% of its population speaking fluent English. However, the country also has over 31 million jobless people (source: Wikipedia). Launched by BM English- a reputed English learning institute in India, English99.in is set to accelerate the country’s growth trajectory, thereby transforming lives by developing communication skills, boosting confidence and shaping careers of aspirants who could benefit from the usage of this Global language.
English is a major challenge faced by students passing out from vernacular medium, during their higher education, resulting in high college dropout rates in the country. Consequently, they face challenges in qualifying for job interviews and also during basic communication and coordination, leading to stagnation in performance appraisals in their careers. Rural areas and Tier II & Tier III cities on the other hand, have limited access to English learning opportunities with geographic barriers leading to high costs. Also, there is a lack of quality training in English.
English99 is a structured English learning course, providing comprehensive video content in three stages - basic, advance and business communication. It is also the only courseware ensuring learning through the evaluation of performance at every stage through tests, structured to analyse the student’s progress. It involves peer-to-peer interaction to help build confidence. Right from the very basics of English language to sentence formation, the course advocates kinaesthetic learning techniques like mirror practice and role-play to strengthen one’s ability to think in English, to be able to communicate effectively.
English99 app is available for free download on Android and iOS phones. It is also available on the portal  www.english99.in for non-smartphone users.