Elsa launches Premier League, gamifies learning

21st November 2019
Elsa launches  Premier League, gamifies  learning

November 21 2019: Ever felt like you wanted to learn to speak English fluently but had trouble keeping the motivation up? Elsa Speak Premier League rewards you as you learn to speak with MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and more. 
Elsa Speak is an AI powered mobile app that aims to help users learn, improvise and better their English through narrative modules and sessions. The ESPL completely gamifies the language learning process with a leaderboard approach. ESPL urges it’s participants to hit targets that result in real-time incentives by learning and improving their speaking skills. The Premier League which is right now in its pilot stage will be launched on 1st December 2019.
The company recently received a $ 7 million fund from Google, launched in India and now has its country headquarters in Bangalore.
Research proves that about 80% of the learning would be productive if processes are gamified and 60% of the population would be motivated by a leadership board and incentives. Elsa Speak’s user-interactive interface creates an effective learning environment that provides instant feedback. With a maximum of three chapters that are to be completed everyday as part of the Premier League, Elsa Speak challenges users to improve their English pronunciation. The accumulated results of the leaderboard will unlock incentives such as Macbooks, iPads,  iPhones, etc.
Says Manit Parikh, the India head of ELSA Corp:. “Research has shown that better communication skills build confidence and opportunities for individuals. Combining our work with game dynamics makes it more immersive for our users. We don’t have an age limit with ESPL. Anyone can participate, from children to young professionals and even elders,” he says, talking about the Premier League.
Anyone can register for ESPL on www.espl.io