ufaber revolutionizes online education through tech and hyperpersonalisation

31st October 2019
ufaber revolutionizes  online education through tech and hyperpersonalisation

October 31 2019: Edu-tech startup ufaber, provides hyper-personalised affordable education across career transformational domains like IELTS, PTE, UPSC, GATE and English Communication using the platform of Python Jhango.  
In little over 4 years, ufaber has enrolled 100,000 registered learners, 30,000+ paid customers,  over 1200 trainers
ufaber ensures that each trainer undergoes a skilling program known as ‘eMaester’. The program adequately skills the trainers at two levels, one, upping the knowledge quotient, second, the soft skills required to manage students. The ufaber team constantly monitors the quality of the online sessions between the student and the certified trainer. This 1-month course is offered by ufaber at a fee of  Rs 35,000 with a promised ROI of one year. The eMaester program has ensured unlike earlier favourable circumstances to the educated unemployed workforce with an opportunity for economic gain within the comfort of their home, who before were constrained from seeking active jobs due to personal or family constraints.
ufaber cofounders Rohit Jain and Anirudh Swarnkar are both college mates from IIT Bombay who have been in the education space for close to two decades.