Edureka adds new e-courses in Data Science

28th February 2014
Edureka adds new  e-courses in Data Science

Bangalore, February 29, 2014: Leading  India-based  online IT, cloud and mobility education providers Edureka have added modules on Data science for  mid career IT professionals, even as they  launch live  web support 24X7 to their students on subjects such as Big Data, Analytics, Cloud and  Mobility.
With the addition of Data Science course, Edureka has 13 courses addressing the growing amount of skill gap in new technologies; particularly in the fields of Big Data and Analytics. The Data Science course covers topics on Hadoop, Analytics with R and Machine Learning techniques encompassing the complete Data Science study. This Data Science course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful Data Scientist for mid-career professionals. The duration of the course is 4 weeks costing INR 24,995 with 157 students enrolling for the course on the premiere day.

Says Lovleen Bhatia-Co-founder & Chairman, Edureka:  "As 'Data Science' is an emerging field, there are plenty of opportunities available world across be it in IT, Healthcare, Retail, Government offices, Academics, Life Sciences, Oceanography, etc. There is a clear need now and in the foreseeable future for many more data science professionals. These people need to have the strong statistical knowledge, software engineering ability and communication skills which only a well-designed multidisciplinary program can provide. Data scientist as a job title is significantly trending upwards.”

The course is aimed to gain an insight into the roles played by a Data Scientist, analyse Big Data using Hadoop and R, learn tools and techniques for sampling and filtering data, and data transformation. Also, the course provides an understanding of various Machine Learning techniques and their implementation using Apache Mahout. This will also help to gain insight into the visualization and optimization of data. Data Science is becoming a very promising field to harness and process huge volumes of data generated from various sources.

Edureka was founded by Lovleen Bhatia, an IT–BHU alumni and Kapil Tyagi, an IIT Bombay alumni, Edureka (Education+Eureka) aims to bridge the growing skills gap of professionals in Big Data, Cloud and Mobility globally.