iChamp app helps learn Math and English through quiz

 July 14 2019: iChamp is an innovative digital platform that uses intuitive quiz based learning to enhance Maths and English skills for children (5-13 age group).
The core of iChamp practice engine is a series of short duration quizzes/challenges that a child takes – either individually or against a group of students selected from across the country. These quizzes are specifically designed to keep the child engaged and increase the time spent practicing various topics. Students can win virtual as well as physical rewards, compete with their friends and school mates, team up with students and challenge other kids and do a whole host of other exciting things on iChamp.
iChamp is the only App that covers both Maths and English syllabus. With many more subjects being added in the coming months, iChamp will be a one stop destination for parents and kids for their practicing needs.
|iChamp was launched in 2018 by Mohit Bansal, a serial entrepreneur who holds rich experience in education and gaming industry. He identified that the biggest challenge for kids from class 1 to 8 was not understanding of concepts but Lack of Practice. These insights became a stepping stone for iChamp, India’s only truly gamified education platform – combining all the key parameters that define “gamification”, namely – Competition, Rewards/Recognition and Fun.