Edureka Tech Career Guide 2019 launched

24th April 2019
Edureka Tech Career Guide 2019 launched

Bangalore,April 24 2019: EduTech startup  has just launched a free and useful tool fo its present and future students:  The Edureka Tech Career Guide  seeks to answer the most frequently asked questions around technology career paths, especially those for emerging technologies while providing credible information based on Edureka’s deep expertise in these technologies. It is the ultimate resource for technology professionals seeking answers on the most searched queries:

  1. Which technical skills are worth learning?
  2. Which job titles are the most rewarding & their industry outlook?
  3. The exact career path to hot technology job roles, recommended learning hours & resources  

As per Web Master global data (2015-18), 34.4% searches have been on how to attain a job role (e.g. data scientist), 30.7% searches have been on specific technology categories, 19.8% on specific tech careers and 15.1% on what courses to take to bag such roles. It is evident from the above data that technology professionals know which technology they want to upskill in – they just don’t know how to go about it in an organized manner. This fact is also supplemented by the sheer number of similar queries received by Edureka on it’s blogs and YouTube channel daily.
A dip-stick survey conducted by Edureka, as a foundation for the career guide, also showed the same findings. Only 13.8% of the surveyed technology professionals said they were skill-ready for their dream job, 16.5% of them said that they felt they were not skill-ready, and the remaining techies said they were still up-skilling, often in an unorganized way.
As more and more people search online on how they need to upskill and don’t get anywhere, there is a definite need for a resource that guides IT professionals through a step-by-step process on upskilling. The Edureka Tech Career Guide 2019 aims to offer all this and more to technology professionals who are unsure of the learning path to their dream career. It also gives the recommended learning roadmap to those who have already started their learning journey and provide course correction if needed.  
Edureka is a global e-learning platform for live, instructor-led training in trending technologies. They offer short term courses supported by online resources, along with 24x7 lifetime support. Edureka has an unwavering commitment to help working professionals keep up with changing technologies. 
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