Digital education portal Notebook, launches more CBSE courses

03rd April 2019
Digital education portal Notebook,  launches more CBSE courses

Kolkata, April 3 2019: Digital  education content portal Notebook, has recently launched its CBSE English and Hindi courses.Where other Edtech brands have focused on Maths and Science primarily, Notebook is the first of its kind effort in CBSE English and Hindi in the country.
Notebook will be launching courses for all of the school subjects over the next few months.
Notebook is a self-learning ecosystem that seeks to empower every student in India with access to high-quality educational content. This content is delivered to every student digitally, using a cloud-based streaming system, in audio-visual and textual formats designed to maximize internalization, retention and recall. Over the last few years, the country has witnessed a surge in learning apps and digital learning aids. This is aided by the lowering cost of mobile data access and proliferation of video-capable devices across all strata of the society.
Mobile phones, which around the turn of the century were considered luxury goods, have become ubiquitous and have become the nation’s first screen of choice, particularly amongst teenagers and young adults. Notebook is available as a seamless experience across mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.