Online courses on cyber security, now in India

19th February 2014
Online courses  on cyber security, now in India

New Delhi,  February 20, 2014: Leaders in cyber security certification EC-Council (The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants), have brought the a first of its kind, virtualized cyber security training platform -- iLabs -- to India. It will provide , round the clock access to cyber learning materials, a virtual private cloud for every student, available to students based anywhere in the country with just a simple access to the internet.
iLabs is a range of preconfigured virtual machines will allow students to get practical, hands-on experience in the concepts and methodologies taught in EC-Council’s IT Security Certification courses. Students can apply their skills to work with vulnerabilities, exploits, tools, and scripts to practice and test, in a safe, fully functional virtual cloud.
The course will also include state-of-the-art ‘Open Environment’ allowing students to launch a complete live range including Backtrack, Microsoft Windows Servers, Microsoft Windows Desktops, as well as various Linux and Unix based machines with preconfigured target and victim machines in addition to attack machines. iLabs is making all the above and much more available with no instructors or administrative interactions, thereby giving each student 100% control over the training environment.
Says Jay Bavisi, President, EC-Council: “India needs to gear up against the cyber plague every single day and one of the best ways is through secure coding and hacking education. Preparing the next generation is perhaps the best step towards achieving our goal. iLabs is one such platform that will get students and professionals to address and solve vulnerabilities in cyber security skills. With immediate effect, this program will be available with all our partners across India.”

Link to i-Labs here