Veative plans on bringing VR-based learning to schools in India

13th June 2018
Veative plans on bringing  VR-based learning to  schools in India

June 13 2018:  Global provider of education technology and innovative digital learning solutions, using immersive technologies such as 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality-- Veative--  hopes to  bring  VR labs in 50,000 schools in India
The company started its operations in April 2016 and  has its presence in India, Singapore, African Continent and the Middle East.  It aims  to bring significant educational transformation by introducing immersive and interactive modules within classrooms.
Veative services  include:

  • The first affordable, practical and interactive, VR-based immersive learning experiences, created for a mass market.
  • Multilingual Immersive Content Library with more than 450 modules in four languages including English (US), English (UK), Arabic and Simplified Chinese.
  • Customized solutions for skill development using immersive technologies for industries like Engineering, Defence, Medical, Cyber Security and Skill development.

Veative's revenue model is based on  annual licensing fees to access their  VR content library, designed specifically for the educational sector, providing access for a specific number of students within a school. One hardware option for schools would be to purchase Google Cardboard kits (or one of many other devices) on their own and use Veative controllers to interact with our educational modules. Alternatively, schools can buy a plug-and-play, Veative VR Lab kit, solving all of their hardware needs, for a one-time fee.

Game-based learning is forecast to become a $7.3B (US) market opportunity by 2021, while Virtual Reality represents a $30B (US) market opportunity by 2020. These immersive learning experiences can be combined to create an opportunity to redefine supplemental education. 
To target schools, Veative works with channel sales through distribution partners, across different regions.  
They run  product pilots in 10 countries right and recently partnered with NISA (National Independent School Alliance), which is the largest, low-cost budget school association in India. As per this partnership, Veative will possibly set up virtual reality labs in over 50,000 budget schools in India, over a period of 5 years. This partnership alone has the potential for Veative to reach about 20 million students. This is set to be one of the largest educational transformation initiatives ever, in India.
Veative has created an ever-growing library with more than 450 modules of simulations to enhance a student’s understanding of concepts like photosynthesis, Pascal’s principle, relative motion, and other math and science topics for deeper understanding through the use of visualization and experience. In order to access our growing library, they   provide the Veative VR Learn kit, consisting of the world’s largest collection of immersive and interactive VR modules for K12. The kits can include VR headsets, controllers, teacher’s tablet and charging equipment, dependent on the specific requirements of schools.
Vipin Goyal is currently the Director of Strategy and Operations at Veative where his roles and responsibilities include global sales and ROI management, business operations, marketing, strategic accounts and strategic alliance management taking the immense value of advanced technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide educational and industry solutions.
Vipin is an IIT-Delhi alumnus and an investor in start-ups with innovative business models.  ( More images  here)