Bangalore engineering students design an Bluetooth atttendance system

20th March 2018
Bangalore  engineering students design an Bluetooth atttendance system

Bangalore  March 20 2018: Students of MVJ College of Engineering here,have designed a Bluetooth Based Attendance Tracking System called a BT Proxy that helps in tracking the student’s attendance .
If a class has a strength of say   40 to 50 students it might not be an issue to complete the attendance within 5 minutes, what if the class has say 100 students! The teacher may waste a lot of time in taking attendance itself. So the MVJ students came up with an automatic Bluetooth based attendance system called PROXY. This can  sharply reduce the time consumed for attendance .
The low energy Bluetooth modules can  implanted inside the id card of the student. This module is very small compared to regular Bluetooth module. It also consumes very less power. Each module is powered  by a button cell  and can last up to a year. Each module will be given a unique id, and the id can only be set/reset by the administrator.
Every class will have a atmega32 module, HC05, Bluetooth module, and a WIFI module. An RTC module will keep track of the time. Class periods, break etc. can be set as required.  Once a class starts the module automatically scans for all the Bluetooth id’s and passes on the data to the attendance monitoring application or any other required destination. There won’t be interference with id’s as each id has a unique code.