Helping to develop analytical skills....

25th January 2017
Helping to develop analytical skills....

Bangalore, January 25  2016: Jigsaw Academy, The Online School of Analytics in association with CityMandi, India's first wholesale online B2B e-commerce venture came together earlier this month to an Analytics contest for its students.
Participants had to showcase their analytics skills on a professional platform. They formed a group of 4 members to work on and compile the submissions for the contest.
The contest involved CityMandi’s company data that was shared with participants of Jigsaw Academy to work on a real-life project. The final presentation would answer the problem statement by CityMandi while highlight the participants’ analytics skills and insights.
The overall objective of the contest was to demonstrate the use of analytical tools to derive insights from the company data that was made available by CityMandi. The learning objective was to demonstrate use of tools like SAS/R to extract, manipulate, analyse and visualize data.
Submissions for the contest by participants were evaluated on factors like Understanding of the Problem, Approach, Technique, Interpretation/ Insights, Visualization (relevance, ease of comprehension and interpretation by the reader), Presentation and the overall Effort by the participants.
The highlight of the contest is CityMandi’s proposition to interview candidates who have made submissions, for suitable roles in their company.
The winners of the contest were Khwaja who won the first prize which is a cash prize of Rs 10,000, Aastha Gupta who won the second place which is a cash prize of  Rs 5,000 and Deepesh Kumar Mohanlal Malviya who won the third place with a cash prize of Rs 3,000 Subhajith Ghosh, a special nomination from City Mandi received Rs 1,500.
Said  Sarita Digumarti, COO& Co-Founder, Jigsaw Academy"  “We were glad to see the enthusiasm shown by our students given the fact that it was an open-ended research study that dealt with corporate data that was not straightforward. We thank and appreciate the time and effort put in by all of them. We hope to bring more of such interesting projects in the year 2017 to hone and strengthen skills in our students and to imbibe data exploration, analysis, and visualization.”
Added  Srinivas Padmanabhuni, Co-Founder and Director of CityMandi:“We are glad to have associated with Jigsaw Academy and are excited about giving an opportunity to Jigsaw students for working on CityMandi’s business project, and are thrilled to have received submissions from them, we are thrilled about this association and look forward to more. We will be using the winning analytics ideas for optimisation of our business operations furthering our cause of sound unit economics, and business expansion”