Finding the right tutor for your kid

30th November 2016
Finding the right tutor for your kid

WONK is a  tutor discovery and booking app that helps locate tutors  either for personal or group tuition in your area.
Bangalore, November 30 2016:  Tuition is  an inevitable part of the  schooling years -- but finding a good tutor for your child is not always easy.  You don't know if there is some one available in the neighbourhood.   Will he or she be open to  giving personal tuition in your home?  Or will your child have to go to the tuition centre? Will he or she have to join a large class or will individual tuition be available?  There are so many options and a cost is attached to each one of them. 
Vidhu Goyal, an MBA from Ghaziabad,  had experienced these problems. "“Being a parent, I completely understand the challenges any other parent would face in finding a credible tutor for their child. We want the best for our children, especially in academics and extracurricular activities", she says.  
Earlier this year, she co-founded Wonk ( which is 'know' spelled backwards!) as a mobile-first tutor discovery platform. It lets parents book classes not only for academic needs but also for pursuing extra-curricular activities and hobbies. 
One can book verified tutors whose academic details and professional experience are clearly  displayed,  with complete transparency on fees charged. There is  a  money back guarantee across all tuition bookings and a unique Tutor Swap facility. Tutors too can sign up for free to engage in paid tuition classes through this platform|
Since its inception, the Wonk app has seen over 8,000 downloads with a rating of 4+ on Play Store. The platform has registered over 25,000 members and 15,000 tutors from across the country. It has received over 2,200 class bookings from Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Agra, Lucknow and Chandigarh.  Clearly its is currently concentrated on North India.  But Wonk plans to offer its services soon in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Baroda, Kota and Kochi.
Link to  Android app here
How it works:

1. Search for tutors based on your specific requirements. You can choose Location, Course, Subject, Level, Gender & average rating for searching a tutor. 
2. Wonk  will provide you with a list of tutors matching your requirement which you can sort & filter using the various options provided on the top right hand corner.
3. Listings based on proprietary logic to ensure optimum results for our users. You can also search for a tutor by his/her name.
4. Click on a tutor profile, access detailed information related to the tutor which includes educational qualification, location, employment details, awards & achievements, books authored etc. You can also review the ratings & feedback of a tutor as submitted by other students/parents.
5. You can book a tuition class of your choice which can either be personal or group tuition and mock tests. You can book one single session or the entire course/series also. Before booking a tuition class, you will have to sign in either through email or Facebook. The customised interface helps you book a tuition class instantly. 
6. All the tutors registered on Wonk  are available for interaction on our website : You can simply login to your web account by entering the email address and password used for registering on this mobile app to start interacting on a real time basis with tutors. You can track them & learn from their knowledge & experience which they share online.
7. You can provide feedback on a particular tutor for the benefit of other students/parents.
8. Different categories of tuition classes:
- Pre-school
- School (CBSE, ICSE & International Board)
- Under Graduate (BBA, BTech etc)
- Professional Courses (CA, PGDM etc)
- Post Graduate (MTech, MSc etc)
- Entrance Coaching (Engineering, Management, Civil Services etc)
- Hobbies & Interests
- Languages