Data Science PGDM announced with IBM help

09th April 2016
Data Science PGDM announced  with IBM help

April 10 2016: mUniversity   the  online market place for education bundled with live video sessions delivery platform and learning management system on cloud has announced a Data Science programme in association with IBM  with Aegis School of Business.  

.Data scientists use ey use statistics, Machine learning, NLP, R, Python, Hadoop, Spark to create Crystal Ball to predict future, solve business problem or find out the missing opportunities. Snapdeal, which has over 20 million subscribers and generates terabytes of data through the interactions that happen with customers in addition to a catalogue of over 5 million, churns 15 million data points (related data set like a consumer shopping on specific days for a particular thing) within two hours, using Hadoop. About 35% of its orders come from recommendation and personalized systems, and the conversion rate of such orders is 20-30% higher than normal orders, the company claims.

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