FAQ on the national Health ID launched in India

16th August 2020
FAQ on the national Health ID launched in India

August 16 2020: The Prime Minister announced in his Independence Day address yesterday that a national Health ID would be launched by the National Health Authority.  Here is our story.
More details are available at the NHA site . And here is an FAQ about the Health ID:
1) What is a Health ID?
Every patient who wishes to have their health records available digitally must start by creating a Health ID. Each Health ID will be linked to a health data consent manager (such as NDHM) which will be used to seek the patient's consent and allow for seamless flow of health information from the Personal Health Records module.
2) Is my Health ID unique?|
Your Health ID is created by using your basic details and Mobile Number or Aadhaar Number. Thus, it will be unique to you and you have the option to link all your health records to this ID. You can also choose to create multiple IDs as modules for storing different segments although it is preferred and recommended that Health ID.
3) How do I get a Health ID?
Any Public Hospital, Community Health Centre, Health and Wellness Centre across India or any Healthcare provider who is in the National Health Infrastructure Registry will be able to support you to obtain a Health ID. You can also obtain a Health ID by self-registration from a mobile or a web application. 
4) What all do I need to register for a Health ID?
Name,Year of Birth, Gender, Mobile No./Email, Aadhaar (optional)
5) Is Aadhaar mandatory to create a Health ID?
No. The process of generation of Health ID has voluntary usage of AADHAAR. This shall require a notification under Section 4 of AADHAAR Act. In addition, all Government financed health benefit schemes that require mandatory use of Aadhaar will have to notifiy under Section 7 of AADHAAR Act. You can create your health account using your basic demographic details along-with digitally authenticable Mobile Number or Email ID.
6) What do I do if I forget my username or password?
If you are facing issues with creating or logging in to your existing health account, please contact us at help@ndhm.gov.in or call us at our Toll Number 14555/1800111565
7) Why am i unable to register myself for Health ID?
If you are facing issues with creating or logging in to your existing health account, please contact us at help@ndhm.gov.in or call us at our Toll Number 14555/1800111565
8) I have been locked out of account due to multiple invalid attempts. What do i do?
To ensure safety of your account, we have locked your account due to multiple invalid attempts. Please try again in sometime|
9) I keep getting logged out of my account. Whom do I contact?
If you are facing technical or other issues with registration, please contact us at help@ndhm.gov.in or call us at our Toll Number 14555/1800111565
10) Who is a Health Data Consent Manager?
Health Data Consent Manger is used as an interface between the patient and healthcare provider, wherein if a patient provides consent via the application to seek his/her clinical report, the hospital provides that information.
11) What is partial consent and how is it different from consent?
Partial Consent is giving access to only selected fields to a Healthcare provider whereas Consent gives access to your complete health record
12) Will my child below 18 years also get a Health ID?
Yes. You can create a Health ID for your child through the same process using basic details, Mobile No. or Aadhaar|
13) Can my newborn get a Health ID?
Yes. You can register for a Health ID for your newborn at the time of Birth Registration at a participating Registrar's office.
14) What are the benefits of a Health ID?
You can find all benefits of Health ID here 
15) How much time will registration take?|
takes less than 10 minutes as you only need to fill your basic details and validate your Mobile Number/Email ID or Aadhaar number
16) Do I have to submit/ post any physical documents?
No. One of the aim of developing the NDHM framework is to make all processes efficient and paperless. You do not have to submit any physical documents anywhere.
17) Which doctors and healthcare providers can look at my health information?
The registered doctors and healthcare providers who are granted consent by you, will only be able to look at your health information.
18) Are my health records safe and secure?
The NDHM portal is highly secure and makes use of several inbuilt industry leading security mechanisms that encrypt entered information before transmission and receipt. Furthermore, no information is shared without without your explicit approval
19) Will my doctor be able to find out about past or current medical issues that I consider sensitive?
No. You can hide sensitive information by providing partial consent to the doctor.