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The team of innovators at the Bangalore-based Cardiac Design Labs and ( insets) part of the MirCAM Intelligent healthcare product developed by them.
Bangalore startup crafts award winning remote cardiac monitor

Bangalore, January 7 2015: The prize for the Best IoT Start-Up at the Ideathon  organized on the sidelines of the 28th International Conference on VLSI Design  here this week, has gone to Cardiac Design Labs ,  a Bangalore based start-up company engaged in the  design and development of, state-of-the-art, next generation medical products.
Their flagship product is MIRCam --or  Mobile Intelligent Remote Cardiac Monitor, a  patent pending, cardiac care product with proprietary Intelligent Cardiac Clinical Analytics Engine built in. This  ambulatory cardiac monitoring and diagnosing system which is capable of real-time, intelligent, and full disclosure monitoring, analysis and diagnosis of a wide range of cardiac conditions like arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia and infarction. The system aims at decentralizing cardiac care by providing extended healthcare to sub-urban and rural places of India, by enabling a doctor to diagnose potential cardiac patients and monitor the ECG of the patient accurately and in real-time and establish a connection with an expert from the remote location to effectively treat or refer afflicted patients. The system raises alarms on episodes locally and remotely when connected and is designed for short to long term monitoring to detect conditions, particularly those that occur sporadically.
Said  Anand Madanagopal, Managing Director, Cardiac Design Labs:"I am happy to receive the award on behalf of Cardiac Design Labs. This is very important to us as the community of VLSI and Embedded Systems have recognized our effort and innovation. Our product MIRCaM is an Intelligent Healthcare IOT product, which has the required proprietary algorithms to detect cardiac anomalies, and then upload only those to the cloud, thereby using communication bandwidth and Cardiologist's time effectively. This product is designed for the emerging market landscape like India, with many more to come. This award is valuable endorsement and will help us in getting the right visibility."
Intelligent features: 
MIRCaM is able to: 
detect, diagnose and monitor a wide range of Arrhythmias and also perform ST segment analysis and catch early stages of Ischemia and Infarctions.Alerts  Audible alerts are triggered each time an episode is detected. Alert can also be configured to be triggered remotely on smart phone or tablets.
Record ECG and create patient records in ambulatory mode. Record ECG in ambulatory mode and create patient records.
Print reports  Print the selected episodes for analysis.
Cloud Storage: The application automatically uploads the ECG data to server using 2G/3G/Wi-Fi. Cardiologist can access patient ECG data and provide report and course of treatment anytime, anywhere from a standard web browser or smart phone or tablet.

You can find fuller product details here


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Bangalore startup crafts award winning remote cardiac monitor
by Palanivelu on January  08,  2015
  "Hi Anand and team hats of to you guys. Fantastic invention.. long way to go but good start! keep rocking guys! Cheers, Palanivelu"
Bangalore startup crafts award winning remote cardiac monitor
by Ganesh Kumar Rajappa on January  09,  2015
  "Hi Anand & Team Heartiest Congrats from our [VEC mates] end... Regards "
Bangalore startup crafts award winning remote cardiac monitor
by Bindu on January  14,  2015
  "Heartiest congratulations to Anand and team for amazing work. Keep it up and wish you all the best:-)"
Bangalore startup crafts award winning remote cardiac monitor
by Deepak Chaudhary on January  30,  2016
  "On behalf of HFI and NIHFW, we are interested in this product to implement it in some of our projects, we would be thankful to you, if you could share the product details."
Bangalore startup crafts award winning remote cardiac monitor
by ANULAL SABARINADHAN on April  19,  2017
  "Congrats.I am a remote cardiac monitoring Technician.From kerala."
Bangalore startup crafts award winning remote cardiac monitor
by Voncile on March  13,  2017
  "Melon: Ok makes since now I had seen “Melody” comment before…love your details! Brad: haha very funny about the g;02dripin2”! I really did not believe you:)……"