Pune-based Kimaya NICU's Web app helps reduce neonatal mortality by almost half

04th January 2015
Pune-based  Kimaya NICU's  Web app helps reduce neonatal mortality by almost half
Kimaya NICU web app ( inset: screenshot) helps reduce neo natal mortality

Pune, January 5 2014: Neonatal healthcare technology provider, Kimaya NICU  has joined hands with the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Pune to create a fully automated online platform to formulate nutritional supplements for premature infants with 100% accuracy and in a fraction of the time.
In the pilot test,  at  KEM Hospital, the Kimaya-TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) solution contributed  to the reduction of  neonatal mortality rate by close to 45%.
The one screen application allows doctors to calculate the neonatal nutritional plan for each baby with very high accuracy, within seconds. This simply requires them to enter a set of informational data points into the application, such as body weight, additives amount, lipid requirement and other special nutritional options.
Says Dr. Umesh Vaidya, M.D., D.N.B. Pediatrics, KEM Hospital:"Nutritional requirements of premature babies have to be calculated very accurately to avoid complications and help the baby grow. KimayaTPN application is very doctor friendly and has resulted in a huge increase in calculation speed and accuracy from the existing manual calculations. "
Adds Gautam Rege, Co-Founder, Kimaya NICU:“A deep rooted desire to deliver a cutting edge solution for Neonatal ICUs enabled our team, to conceptualize, program and deploy the Kimaya-TPN Software. Since this is a life critical process with the impact of errors being fatal to neonates, the application has a number of fail-safe mechanisms to prevent erroneous entries and thus give infants a fighting chance at survival.”
Given the fragility of life at the earliest levels, getting the right mix of nutrition to support life is a critical aspect in ensuring survival of premature babies. The administration of this nutritional formula must also be at an acceptable infusion rate with the correct CNR (Calorie Nitrogen Ratio) to avoid complications and fatality.
This cloud based application allows the records of infants to be accessed easily in the future and from multiple locations. The application archives infant progress on a day to day basis thus allowing doctors to plan the nutrition for each infant. The impact the application can have is huge and a further refined version of the software, based on inputs by medical experts is ready to give NICUs across the country a cutting edge tool aimed at saving infant lives.
Kimaya NICU is a domain specific neonatal healthcare technology provider, who specializes in software for Neonatal ICU. Kimaya-TPN is the first application built and deployed as part of their NICU software suite.   Kimaya MD and cofounder Gautam Rege also co-founded Josh Software with Sethupathi Asokan in 2007. He is an ardent promoter of Ruby on Rails and leads many of the brand’s initiatives to promote this framework in India. He helps organize the Annual RubyConf India, talks at Ruby Conferences across the world and manages local Ruby meetups.

For a few days we have a descriptive video about Kimaya TPN solution  in the Tech Video spot on the home page