Some of the award winners at the ReImagineHealth hackathon, July 15 2019
First-ever hackathon held in geriatric healthcare

Bangalore, 1 July 16 , 2019:  A  first of its kind Medical Device Hackathon “ReImagineHealth 2019”  was held here yesterday, supported by MedTech and Geriatric Healthcare Technology Business Incubator, Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science (IISC), K-Tech, Government of Karnataka, various companies, hospitals, policy bodies, entrepreneurs, legal and regulatory organizations and NGOs in Bangalore. 
ReImagineHealth 2019 aims at providing technologically advanced and socially sustainable to the needs of the senior citizens so that they can continue to be independent, agile and enjoy their life to the fullest.
Fourteen teams consisting of 64 participants took part in the hackathon with each team having at least one person from the field of finance, engineering and medical along with mentors who have experience in these fields.
Team Novae, who presented their product the ‘Sonic Walker’- a walker that helps detect obstacles and alert the user; Team Decubators who presented better and cheaper ways to prevent pressure ulcers in non-ambulatory patients and Team iDams who presented Eye(i) Drops Dispensing Aid and Monitoring Systems emerged as winners of the hackathon.
Said Prof. Amaresh Chakrabati, Chair, IISc Press and  Senior Professor: “The focus of this hackathon is on geriatric healthcare and new innovations that would help improve the quality of life for senior citizens. Through this hackathon we intend to place selected participant in the technology business incubator which we have in association with the Government of Karnataka. Winners will therefore be able to take their products and services to the next level. The main objective is to stimulate and cultivate systemic innovation in the development of products for the Elderly Care and MedTech (Diagnostics, Monitoring and Rehabilitation).”