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Early-stage healthcare startup KnowDi launches platform in Bangalore

Bangalore June 1 2019: Early-stage healthcare startup KnowDi  has launched its online platform in the city, with  over 750 doctors on board.
KnowDi is an integrated healthcare platform that aims to create adigital therapeutics system in India. It enables patients to access the entire range of healthcare services — from booking doctor’s appointment to ordering medicines to book diagnostic tests. It also has the unique distinction of building a centralized repository for patient data. The patient can access their complete medical history on the KnowDi platform, and this same history can be shared with the doctor upon the patient’s consent. KnowDi is building comprehensive and digitized patient data while upholding patient privacy.
Subscribers can order medicines online with a free delivery charge. Patients using this application will have control over medical records, prescriptions and diagnostic results and would be able to access it anytime anywhere.The application will also bring accuracy and process efficiency  by enabling doctors and labs to access patients records. The firm has launched a pilot study earlier this year providing the services to a set of users and it was found successful in solving a lot of pain points associated with healthcare services.
KnowDi has already tied up with 22 hospitals, 50+ pharmacies, and over 750 doctors in the Bengaluru region. Over the next 6 to 9 months, KnowDi will consolidate its presence across Bangalore after which it will shift focus to other major cities in South India including Chennai, Kochi, Trivandrum, and Hyderabad. Pramod Arehalli C is the Co-Founder at Knowdi. He is a serial entrepreneur, with a wide range of experience across industries including technology, BFSI, and automobile.

The healthcare industry in India has become one of the largest sectors and is poised to reach $280 billion by 2020. The healthcare ecosystem suffers from myriad issues — from a rural-urban divide to a lack of insurance cover, poor discovery mechanisms for patients and improper record-keeping. The first step towards solving a range of problems is by creating a digital platform that eliminates inefficiencies along with integrating stakeholders and that’s what KnowDi is doing.