Chatbot helps sensitive tooth sufferers

17th April 2019
Chatbot helps sensitive tooth sufferers

April 17 2019: Media agency Mindshare,  has  created a technology driven chatbot for GSK sensitivity toothpaste brand Sensodyne. 
When invoked through Google Assistant, by  saying ‘Hello  It also offers information about the causes of tooth sensitivity, and how one can treat the problem using Sensodyne. Through the chatbot, users could also order a free Sensodyne sample. At the end of the chat, they were given an option to go to, enter their location and book a dental appointment, for which Sensodyne pays Rs  700 of the dentist’s fees.
Sensodyne also set up large screens and kiosks in prominent locations across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, where they conduct a free chill test for people, and those who tested positive, were then directed to the screen where they interacted with a dentist.
Some 34 per cent of Indian adults suffer from tooth sensitivity, but only 12 per cent take action, according to TNS Research 2018. A recent Twitter poll also suggested that 71 per cent of audiences do not remember the last they visited a dentist.