Students from ISB win global prize, $ 1 m funding for their health tool

06th November 2014
Students from ISB win global prize,  $ 1 m funding for their  health tool
The winners from ISB with former US President Bill Clinton soon after the award ceremony in New York.l

November 6 2014:  A diagnostic tool for chronic disease management -- ‘Doc in the Box’  -- has won for  five  students  from the Indian School of Business (ISB; with campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali) , the prestigious Hult Prize and a  $ 1 million funding support from the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). 
The prize was given away recently  by Bill Clinton, former president of the USA and Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank, at a ceremony event held in New York. The winning team- Nano Health- comprisingf  Aditi Vaish, Ashish Bondia, Manish Ranjan, Pranav Kumar Maranganty, and Ramanathan Lakshmanan, have since  graduated from the  IIM-H 2014 class. The team studied healthcare courses, designed and offered by the Max Institute of Healthcare Management at the ISB. They also received assistance from the Institute, faculty, and the D-Labs accelerator.
The objective of the HULT Prize, the largest student business plan competition in the world, is for teams to design a social enterprise – an annual challenge set by former US President Bill Clinton. “Solving Non-Communicable Diseases in the Urban Slums” was the challenge for participants this year. All teams had to propose solutions which would impact at least 25 million people in urban and semi urban areas. The ISB group competed against teams from the USA, Latin America, the Middle East and China.
Nano Health has received support from industry and the Telangana government to implement their business plan.  They have recently partnered with GVK Biosciences' proprietary HEART (Health Emphasized Analytical and Reporting Tool). GVK BIO’sHEART (Health Emphasized Analytical and Reporting Tool) platform - a cloud-based healthcare analytics framework with multiple applications including the multilingual Disease Management Application 
About Nano Health
NanoHealth is a social enterprise specializing in chronic disease management that provides holistic managed care services to slum dwellers by creating local health networks and using innovative technology to bring cost-effective healthcare to their doorstep. NanoHealth is founded by 5 alumni of Indian School of Business, with campuses at Hyderabad and Mohali. The ISB alumni comprising the NanoHealth Team are: primary care physician Dr Ashish Bondia, business process re-engineering consultant Manish Ranjan, financial services and risk management specialist  Ramanathan Lakshmanan, marketing and communications expert Aditi Vaish and technology design expert Pranav Kumar Maranganty. NanoHealth is creating a network of community Health-workers known as “Saathi” and equipping them with a diagnostic device called “Doc-in-a-Box”. The reach of the doctor is extended by NanoHealth’s Saathis and they are well-paid, empowered women in the community forming a strong network of caregivers