Startup launches healthcare app in Pune

10th May 2016
Startup launches healthcare app  in Pune

Pune, May 10  2016: Tech start-up ThingsMeet Solutions,  has launched  its  first healthcare App “PRESCRIBEZ” in Pune.
A one-stop solution for users, Prescribez  allows them to search and avail health services through the app in an easy and affordable way. All the user needs to do is download the app and search for labs, doctors and even book their appointments through the App, just at the click of a button. While providing a personalized user communication, Prescribez also sends out alerts and health tips. The User Interface of the app is simple and easy to use for both the end consumer and doctors and clinics. Today the app hase 700 doctors on the platform in Pune alone .In the future, the app will provide intelligent insights into one’s futuristic health risks and offer the facility to capture health information easily at home from smart health devices and share it using smart phones.
“We are trying to create a borderless health collaboration ecosystem. With more than two decades of experience in healthcare and technology, we understand that there has been a lot of advancement in technology in healthcare but the area of health information technology continues to remain under-explored. This is where Prescribez  comes in.”,  says Neeraj Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO, ThingsMeet Solutions.
Prescribez is available for download in Pune on all Android platforms for free.