Columbia Asia partners with Microsoft to create cloud-based hospital management system

08th September 2015
Columbia Asia partners with Microsoft to  create cloud-based hospital management system

New Delhi,  September 8  2015: International healthcare group Columbia Asia has partnered with Microsoft to evolve a next-generation cloud ready hospital management system to meet its emerging enterprise needs.
Columbia Asia is currently using its proprietary hospital management system, Care21. The new solution will leverage significantly on the enterprise knowledge to create a technologically advanced solution. The cloud- ready solution will be incrementally rolled out to their facilities in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.
It will enable healthcare professionals to gain more visibility into patient information, build more collaborative teams, and deliver better patient care. The cloud-ready solution aims to enhance the business capabilities by capitalizing on its flexibility and scalability features. This solution would give the opportunity to free the hospital from IT infrastructure management, allowing them to focus more on priorities like patient experience and care delivery.
The solution is aimed to empower the business to meet emergent demands for an interconnected chain of hospitals. The core architecture and design framework will be put together by Microsoft services along with the Columbia Asia technical team inspired by the good practices from Microsoft repertoire.
Says Dilip Kadambi, Group CFO, Columbia Asia:, “We want to continue to provide our patients with world-class healthcare services. I believe a future resilient architecture in tandem with cloud capability is the answer to our efforts towards ongoing improvements in the quality of our services. We have embarked on a transformation journey for our software alongside the core principles of cloud solutions. I am inspired by Microsoft Azure’s virtualization capabilities and this has enabled us to look forward to an advanced solution.”
Adds Preeti Das, Director, Microsoft Services: “When it comes to extending the benefits of next generation technology with high-quality healthcare for the wellbeing of patients, a sound architecture and cloud will go a long way. Our association with Columbia Asia will result in building advanced healthcare solutions that are capable of further enhancing patient safety and driving overall operational efficiency.”
In this collaboration, Microsoft not only brings its cloud platform but also its full set of tools and technologies for application lifecycle management, development framework, data stores, operating systems, monitoring and diagnostics platform.
Columbia Asia Group is an international private healthcare company, comprising of a network of hospitals linked together through the company’s proprietary software systems, each connected to the back-office service centers located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bangalore, India.