An activity tracker that eggs you on, to excel!

27th September 2014
An activity tracker that eggs you on, to excel!
From left: Mohammed Hussain Naseem, Founder-CEO, 2mpower Health Managment Services; Prof S. Sadagopan, Director IIIT Bangalore and Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Manipal Global Education, at the media event to launch GetActive tapp, Bangalore, September 25 20014

Bangalore, September 27 2014: From Bangalore-based 2mpower Health Management Services, comes yet another wrist band activity tracker -- the  GetActive tapp.  It syncs via Bluetooth with a mobile phone and displays  the steps you have taken on the device itself.  
How is it different from similar products available to Indian customers? We think it is the carrot-and-stick  support you get  via messages: For the price -- Rs 4999 -- you get a lifetime support from an app that  will encourage and if necessary shame you into sticking to your exercise regime.  It will send you messages comparing your  activity to all  other users ion your age group, in your area etc.  And when you reach your target, it will hand out a shabhaash!
Says Mohammed Hussain Naseem, Founder & CEO of 2mpower Health Management Services, the creators of GetActive tapp: “Our goal is to create an ACTIVE India, where individuals walk towards their wellbeing. Today 10 million STEPS are clocked everyday on the GetActive platform. Our aim is to increase this count to a 100 billion STEPS every day in the next 30 months. This translates into 10 million ACTIVE Indians. We believe that when fitness is fun and non-regimental, it is more willingly accepted. Hence, our platform is designed towards high engagement through competition, challenge & rewards within the GetActive community. Currently we have 15,000 users who have become our advocates. Our goal is to increase this number to 100,000 with the launch of tapp."
Adds Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Manipal Global Education and investor in 2mpower Health Management Services: "Wearable technology has shown good traction in US markets and it rates high in the mind of Indian consumers. I see immense opportunity in this sector. I believe GetActive is rightly poised to exploit this."
Prof S Sadagopan, Director, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, enlivened the audience with his own experiences, using GetActive tapp and added:"Analytics in healthcare is an emerging opportunity, and GetActive's big data can provide insights to improve quality of care as well as information on behavioural & data sciences."
Link to product info and sales here