Infosys offers free certification and training in AI

24th June 2023
Infosys offers free certification and training in AI

Bangalore, June 24, 2023:  Indi-based tech bellwether Infosys  has  launched a free Artificial Intelligence (AI) certification training on Infosys Springboard.
Infosys AI-first specialists and data strategists, responsible for delivering Infosys Topaz AI-first set of services, solutions and platforms will help shape the curriculum to help learners build future-ready skillsets.
 This certification will offer a variety of courses that cover a broad spectrum of topics related to AI, including an introductory course on AI and Generative AI, with a focus on deep learning and natural language processing, and a masterclass on AI and the impact of Generative AI, that will aim to focus on prompt engineering and AI-first software engineering. Additionally, a customized course on ‘Citizens Data Science’ will aim to cover various aspects of data science discipline, including python programming, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and exploratory data analysis. Learners will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the course
Says Thirumala Arohi, Senior Vice President and Head - Education, Training and Assessment: “Infosys Springboard is committed to democratize quality education and strengthen the next-generation workforce with digital and life skills. Our aim is to demystify AI for learners through Infosys Springboard and help them make a conscious choice in building their careers. We firmly believe that AI proficiency will give young aspirants and professionals a competitive advantage in a dynamic and demanding job market.”
Infosys Springboard provides a curriculum-rich virtual platform that delivers corporate-grade learning experiences, on any device, with closer educator-learner collaboration for students from Class 6 to lifelong learners. This, alongside formal education, helps accelerate digital reskilling for participating learners, ranging from school and college students to professionals and adults. Since its launch, Infosys Springboard continues to expand its reach to learners by growing its thriving community to more than 5.5 million registered users