Medpiper launches healthcare hackathon

30th January 2022
Medpiper launches healthcare hackathon

Bangalore, January 30, 2022: MedPiper Technologies, the healthtech tool  for healthcare practitioners, is all set to launch its very first hackathon ‘Hackemist – Unlock New Age Healthcare’. The month-long hackathon, for which registrations are now open, will kick off on February 7. The winners stand to bag cash prizes worth up to Rs  50000. 
MedPiper Technologies verifies and connects healthcare professionals with healthcare-based organizations for duty vacancies, clinical assignments and partnerships with pharma and manufacturers. The company is currently building standardized APIs to help connect and engage practitioners, digital health platforms, hospitals, insurance service providers and other healthcare stakeholders in real time. MedPiper seeks to eliminate information asymmetry and optimize the existing workforce among healthcare practitioners with technology.
Hackemist is targeted towards discovering and developing cutting-edge solutions to bring healthcare to everyone by solving trust and matching issues in the global healthcare ecosystem, at scale. The participants will use their coding prowess to innovate and help the said ecosystem. Encouraging healthtech innovation, the hackathon will be also featured as a part of E-Summit’22, a 2-day entrepreneurship summit organized by IIT Bombay on February 5 and 6.
Currently in India, the general public is not updated or informed on critical healthcare-based trends from the right or trusted sources while HR managers of many organizations are looking for solutions to promote their employees’ health and wellness in the new age of work from home (WFH) and other options. As part of this hackathon, the candidates will be working on the right tech solutions to help HR managers bring better physical and mental health to their employees as well as healthcare writers to bring about important healthcare news and topics so readers can be up to date.
The hackathon is open to tech-based participants, in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, enrolled in a bachelor’s/master’s programme, with additional experience in coding/software development. Candidates interested in working on internships or full-time positions in healthcare can register for the event. The participation can be either solo or in teams of maximum three coders.
Apart from a chance to win cash prizes, the participants will also be exclusive recipients of Dr. Swasth HealthFin Cards as well as get hiring opportunities with MedPiper.
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