Technovos launches GaadE- Electric Wheelbarrow

11th February 2024
  • Bangalore
Technovos launches GaadE- Electric Wheelbarrow

Technovos- a leading developer of sustainable mobility solutions has recently launched its latest offering the GaadE Electric Wheelbarrow to redefine manual-material handling tasks.

With Electric Propulsion at its forefront, it employs a 4KW 3Phase Induction motor which helps in efficiently transporting substantial loads. Utilising advanced sensors and AI algorithms, it has opened the doors to self-navigation, along with obstacle avoidance and precise manoeuvring. Furthermore, it boasts a loading capacity to move 80% of the applications to minimise the need for human effort.

Accelerating green mobility to an elevated level, it operates with zero-emissions and energy-efficient mechanisms, emerging as the gateway to fostering a sustainable environment.

Challenging conventions and breaking the boundaries of possibilities in the realm of agriculture, logistics, construction and many more, the Wheelbarrow stands at the edge of sustainability convergence. Moving beyond the limits of being an electric motor-driven upgrade of its traditional counterparts, it embodies an inaugural fusion of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendliness.

With multifaceted warehouse operations, the seamless integration of the GaadE- Electric Wheel-Barrow marks a significant leap forward in material handling and sustainability endeavours.

Says Bharath Anantha Srinivas, CEO and Founder of Technovos: “In a world where technological innovation continues to dominate every facet of our daily lives, Technovos aims to become the catalyst for revolutionising the Agritech and Sustainable mobility space. With our latest product, the dynamic Electric Wheelbarrow, we’ve crafted a breakthrough in the realm of material movement, being the premier platform to offer a purpose-driven electric wheelbarrow, designed to exude excellence from concept development to integration and assembly.”

Offering an opportunity to partake in a future driven by automation, the introduction of electric wheelbarrows in the Precision AgriTech segment is a game-changing innovation. Being a labour-intensive sector, it will deliver farmers and agronomists an escape from manual lifting, opening doors to a versatile and efficient solution that is designed to improve farm operations, whilst enhancing crop management.