Active noise-cancelling shrinks to fit the Ikodoo earbuds

17th February 2024
Active noise-cancelling shrinks to fit the Ikodoo  earbuds

Product Review: Ikodoo Buds X ANC
Active  noise cancellation (ANC)  – the neutralizing of ambient noise by creating  sound waves of equal and opposite polarity – has been around for  a quarter century. It began  with fairly bulky on-ear headphones from makers like Bose and Sony  but over the years engineers have been able to reduce the size of the necessary circuitry to such an extent that today ANC  has shrunk to  be offered in in-ear-type ear buds  -- albeit at a higher price range.

A new brand – Ikodoo has just introduced  its latest audio product the Ikodoo Buds X ANC which brings the customer, active noise cancelling at the same price band as a conventional true wireless stereo (TWS) earbud.  I expect this to disrupt the market so that customers will demand ANC with every wearable audio device, in ear or over the ear,   not just in premium products.

At this point a small tech note:  Active noise cancellation uses electronic circuits to   neutralise the ambient noise. Passive noise cancelling, much less effective, uses  sound muffling pads in the ear piece.

The Ikodoo X ANC offers both touch control as well as voice control for those who prefer to use Siri or OK Google commands. 5.3 Bluetooth technology lets the user .sync with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, like  phones, watches, laptops, TV or PC. This happens as soon as you open the charging case.

The 32 dB ANC microphone and the 10mm drivers  ensure a rich listening experience where surrounding noise or distractions are practically eliminated.

The  charging case is rated to store a charge for about 24 hours  and a fully charged pair of buds are good to go for about  4 hours.

At the MRP of Rs  2999, but at Amazon it is currently available for Rs 1608which is great value for an ANC device.

Anand Parthasarathy