Unlimited possibilities of going mobile

Shanghai: The Asia edition of the GSM Association's Mobile World Congress (MWC)  provided for 3 days in Shanghai, China last week, a  useful window to the frenetic  pace of innovation in the region.  We bring you some pictorial vignettes:

Top row left to right: Huawei  was one of the largest exhibitors at the event  -- and Intex was the only Indian handset maker to  leverage the event and unveil a major  product ( see our report).
Middle row left to right:  Korea and Thailand  country pavilions.
Bottom row  left to right:  IndiaTechOnline's Vishnu Anand  was on hand to report on the major India-centric announcement by Intex... and to bring you a flavour of the rest of the event:  From JD Sound,Korea, achocolate bar sized DJ console; From Oaxis, a Shenzen outfit, a mobile speaker phone that  belts out music  when you place your phone on top;  A health-band from a Chinese maker shaped like ( what else!) a dragon; Zero-B  put bluetooth into the electric toothbrush, to tell you where to brush -- and for how many seconds.
( All photos by Vishnu Anand / IndiaTechOnline)
See our detailed coverage of some these  launches in our main story
July 19 2015