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iOS app from Denmark help train your brain!

March 25 2014: From Denmark we bring you news of  a cool new iOS app that is at once  fun -- and a serious training tool for your memory. Developed in collaboration with leading brain scientists from Copenhagen University as well as veterans from the gaming industry, the Brain+ app contains a number of scientifically designed, yet fun and motivating, brain training games that improve the key mental capabilities in the areas of attention, memory, problem solving and planning. The app, which is suitable for people of all ages, is now available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded and tried for free.  
We all know the feeling. You know you have seen someone before, but just cannot recall whether it was tagged in a photo or maybe during that awesome LAN party you went to last month. Nonetheless, memory is an essential partner for successfully navigating socially.
Playing most regular computer games and brain teasers don't do a lot more than increasing your skill with that particular game. However, scientific studies have shown that by playing games that utilizes the right neuroscientific principles and exercises, the brain can be trained to a radically sharper level. This is exactly what the Brain+ App does.
The current Brain+ app contains three games, which train some of the brain's most vital skills: Attention, memory, planning and problem solving. In one game, Captain's Challenge, the user trains attention and short-term memory in order to steer a ship safely through dangerous waters. In the second game, Remember Me, the user trains long-term memory to get better at remembering personal information about a variety of new people. In the third game, Fresh Frog, the user trains the problem solving-skill and the ability to plan ahead.  This happens by trying to navigate an enchanted frog through dangerous swamps to kiss a princess and undo the spell. A number of other brain training games are under development
Recent studies have shown, that engaging in 30 minute daily stints for 4 weeks, playing this type of scientifically designed computer game, will enable an 80-year old to achieve the same performance on attention and memory tests as a 20-year old.
The Brain+ app, which can now be downloaded in AppStore, contains multiple brain training games that will help improve key mental capabilities such as attention, memory, problem solving and planning. The app has been developed in collaboration with leading brain scientists from Copenhagen University as well as veterans from the games industry. One of these veterans is Rasmus Højengaard, who in recent years has been Director of Creative Development for world reknown game developer company, Crytek. Rasmus is now applying his world class creative skills to make effective brain training exercises as fun as any AAA game.
The app was recently launched and warmly received in Denmark, where it got known nationwide from national TV and newspapers and quickly passed 30.000 Danish downloads – equaling more than 1 % of the adult population. We thought our readers might like to try it out --which is why we have a link to the app here



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